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On the road safety is the number one priority. There are many different types of perils on the road but with a well maintained car and optimized parts you can have a safe journey. Among different parts of a car, brakes are one of the most important. Stable and properly working brakes are really important and can often be the deciding factor in heavy traffic. If you think car brakes are showing problem, you can always contact IKON Kustoms + Auto Center. We are one of the most well reputed brakes repair shop in Surrey and always happy to help.

Affordable and Reliable Brakes Repair Shop in Surrey

There is different kind of brakes that different cars use. Every vehicle uses different types of brake based on its requirements and the amount of load it is expected to carry. If you are not aware the details about the technicalities of automobile brakes, let us help you.

Mechanical Brake Repairs

There are two types of mechanical brakes – Drum brake and disc brake. These brakes operate using friction between the two halves and bring the vehicle to a stop. If your car’s brakes need a quick maintenance, you can always drive in at IKON Kustoms + Auto Center, one the best disc brakes repair shop in Surrey. Most modern cars use disc, but at the same time, older vehicles still use drum brakes. If you need a drum brakes repair shop in Surrey, we can help you out with that as well.

Hydraulic Brake Repairs

Based on the principle of Pascal’s law, hydraulic brakes are one of the most modern kinds in the market. Modern cars, bikes, heavy duty vehicles and also freighters use hydraulics for their braking system. Also, there are two different kinds of hydraulic brakes: single-circuit hydraulic brakes and dual-circuit hydraulic brakes. If you use a vehicle with hydraulics and need to get in touch with a Single-Circuit Hydraulic Brakes Repair shop in Surrey, IKON Kustoms can definitely help. We work with a team of experts with the required skills who can help you get things fixed in no time.

Handbrake Repairs

Used very much for parking and avoiding catastrophes, handbrakes are one of the most important part of any vehicle. They usually look like a lever by the driver’s’ seat but some modern cars have replace it with a brake. If such a brake malfunctions, it can cause big damages to the vehicle and even more. If you find any problems with your vehicle and looking for a handbrake repair shop in Surrey, we can help you by taking a look. Our team can handle such tasks with ease a help you.

ABS Repair

One of the most modern forms of vehicular braking system ABS has been a huge advancement. It has been a life saver for many, and has probably saved many lives. It has kind of changed the ball-game altogether. But a person cruising freely knowing an ABS is always there to help in times of emergencies can face disaster if it malfunctions. If you’re considering getting your car’s ABS checked out, we can help. We are one of the best Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) and Antilock Braking System (ABS) Repair shop in Surrey, and always available to help.

IKON Kustoms + Auto Center – Affordable Brake Repair Shop in Surrey

Breaking system of a car is one of the most important aspects. A well-maintained braking system is are not only important for a car’s longevity but also for for the driver’ So keeping it in top-class condition should never be a secondary thought. If you ever feel any discrepancies with your car’s braking system, IKON Kustoms is always there to help you.

We are one of the most reliable and reputed brake repair shop in Surrey and have helped many different customers. With us you are always guaranteed total solution in no time. We work with a team of experts who have year of years of experience in the industry. So call us or drive-in to our shop to get help anytime.